Introducing our ICXR Leadership Team

A team made up of student leaders who have all founded or led an XR student organization.

Although ICXR has existed in different forms since 2015, we took a different approach with our new leadership team. After speaking with each of our current ICXR universities, we looked for students who knew the challenges and struggles of leading an XR student organization. One common trait we found was an altruistic passion to help other students learn about XR technology. Here’s a closer look at the previous experience of our team:

Michael Zhang

Michael is a junior studying Business Administration at the University of Michigan. He co-founded the Alternate Reality Initiative at Michigan in Jan 2017. Michael researches social VR and virtual worlds, and has hosted over 30 events in AltspaceVR. He’s previously worked as an Oculus Brand Ambassador, and VR Product Management intern in China.

Jenn Raimondi

Jenn is a senior studying Animation, Interactive Technology, and Video Graphics and Special Effects at Drexel University. She is the current president of DUVR and has organized large scale events such as Drexel’s VR Block Party. Previously, Jenn exhibited a Virtual Reality Bike simulation at SIGGRAPH 2018, and works with other XR students in Philadelphia.

Khoi Le

Khoi is a senior studying Immersive Design and Engineering Applications at Stanford University. He led external relations at Stanford’s Rabbit Hole VR, and created the student-led VR course CS11: How to Make VR. Previously, Khoi worked at STRIVR as a technical product manager and as a developer for Stanford’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab.

Sam Garcia

Sam is a senior studying Computer Science at the University of Florida. She has led Florida’s GatorVR organization as President for over two years, and has worked on several VR projects for social good. Previously, Sam worked on a Autisim Diagnosis Training VR simulation, and she is actively involved in the Association for Computing Machinery.

Matthew Kosova

Matthew is a junior studying Industrial and Operations Engineering at the University of Michigan. He co-founded the Alternate Reality Initiative at Michigan in Jan 2017. Matthew was the main organizer of the XR Midwest Conference, bringing together over 70 students, speakers, exhibitors, and attendees from the Midwest XR industry.

Steph Ng

Steph is a junior studying Arts, Technology, and the Business of Innovation at the University of Southern California. She was involved in organizing the ICXR 2019 Festival at USC, and managed branding and social media for the Creating Reality Hackathon in 2018. Previously, Steph worked as an Immersive Media Game Developer at Sony.

If you’re currently leading or interested in starting an XR student organization at your university, we’re here to help!

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