Our Story

ICXR or the inter-collegiate XR community started in 2015. Students at the University of Southern California created a Facebook group to help connect other XR students in California. As XR technology became more widespread, ICXR grew into an inter-collegiate community of over twenty XR student organizations across North America. Every member on our ICXR team has led or founded an XR student organization.​

Our mission is to help XR student leaders create, collaborate, and connect with other universities. Our community is focused on sharing resources and knowledge, and creating opportunities for leaders to work together to help push XR technology adoption forwards and support XR student communities who are less fortunate. Through our initiatives, our goal is to empower student leaders to grow their XR communities in their local university regions.

ICXR Universities.png

ICXR is divided into ICXR East, Midwest, South, and West. Each region has a Vice President who leads their region in creating opportunities for cross-campus collaboration, and hosting at least one large regional XR event per year.

ICXR also hosts monthly social VR meetups for student organization leaders to discuss challenges and share ideas to grow the XR presence at each school.​

Current or alumni XR student organization leaders, and any student working with XR technology are welcome to join our Discord. Contact us at icxreality@gmail.com

We need both talented developers and educated consumers for the XR industry to grow. Us students can help others explore, learn, build, and connect wtih XR technology.